What is the Hamilton Area Steelworkers Adjustment Committee?

Our Committee is an employment adjustment committee set up by the Hamilton Steelworkers Area Council. The Committee provides job search and re-employment assistance to any laid off steelworker from any USW Local affiliated with the Hamilton Steelworkers Area Council.

The Committee has assisted steelworkers from 33 USW Locals. We are currently servicing over 1,000 laid off steelworkers who have been affected by plant closures or major downsizing.

The Committee is sponsored by and funded by the Ontario’s Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) and by companies, where there is significant downsizing and the USW Local is able to negotiate a package of support for the adjustment process.

The Committee has an independent Chair as required by the MTCU. The Committee has chosen a full time Committee Co-ordinator from among its active laid off workers. Additionally, the comittee is run by former laid off steelworkers.

Our Committee delivers the vast majority of adjustment services for workers in house. We run job shops for the workers, which include job search techniques, resume writing and interview skills. We provide workers with individual assistance with their resumes and access to counselling sessions targeting personal, financial and family problems, as well as their job search and job needs. The Committee provides access to assessment and re-certification for forklift operators.

The Committee has a program for basic computer familiarization to assist workers with their job search and with internet job search. The Committee will also assist with and cover the cost of a GED/Grade 12 assessment for workers considering academic upgrading.

The Committee’s Action Centre has “Jobs’ Boards” available to laid off workers, which are updated daily. We uncover the hidden jobs’ market and post jobs workers won’t find advertised anywhere else. There are computers available for workers to use for internet job search and a fax machine for sending out resumes to employers.

To sum up, the Committee provides newly unemployed workers with a co-operative self help approach to dealing with the difficulties of unemployment, ongoing support and counselling during their job search and access to adjustment services that create a more orderly approach to re-employment.



lostmyjob.ca is designed to help anyone who has lost a job cope with the difficult aftermath. Its purpose to remind people who've lost a job that they're not alone and there's help available in our communities to get them through it.

The website is designed to:

  • Give people who've lost their job a platform to express themselves;
  • Offer advice on how to cope with job loss, especially the emotional rollercoaster ride;
  • Answer frequently asked questions about job loss;
  • Point people to organizations and agencies in their community that are here to help;
  • Showcase the stories of people who've overcome job loss.

lostmyjob.ca is the brainchild of the Hamilton Training Advisory Board and the Workforce Planning Board of Grand Erie.


Blue Green Canada

Blue Green Canada is an alliance between the United Steelworkers (USW)and Environmental Defence to advocate for working people and the environment in key areas of global trade, the use of toxic chemicals in commercial activity, the creation of green manufacturing jobs, and in the development of strategies to address climate change. This alliance builds on the work of the USW to create a safe and healthy workplace and of Environmental Defence to protect the environment and human health. It recognizes that our economy, in order to be sustainable, must both provide good jobs and protect the environment. An unregulated global economy that increases the gap between rich and poor and ignores ecological limits will ultimately destroy all good jobs and the environment.

The United Steelworkers (USW) is an international union with a highly diverse membership in many sectors of the Canadian economy. It actively promotes the interests of its members through collective bargaining and political action. It is a well-known advocate for workplace health and safety and human rights, and has long embraced the need to address environmental issues. For more information visit www.usw.ca

Environmental Defence is a national charitable organization that protects the environment and human health. We research solutions. We educate. We go to court when we have to. All in order to ensure clean air, clean water and thriving ecosystems nationwide, and to bring a halt to Canada’s contribution to climate change. For more information visit www.environmentaldefence.ca